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Patient Tracking and RCM

Make sure every patient has a confirmed payer whether it's day one, day 30, or day 90.

5 Patient Intake Questions for Medicaid-Pending Admits

Use these questions to maximize your census while mitigating Medicaid-pending risks.

  • Can you please verify the resident's citizenship?

    Verify that the patient is eligible for Medicaid.

  • Does the resident have a representative payee and/or Power of Attorney?

    If yes, who is it? If no, who can assist with financial obligations? Verify the patient has a support network that is accountable for payment.

  • Can you confirm the resident's income sources and monthly income?

    Confirm these amounts to get a sense of what you will need to collect once you start the billing process.

  • Can you share the names of the banks that the resident uses?

    How many accounts are there and what are the account balances? Get a sense of available assets.

  • Who will complete the Medicaid application? Can they access the necessary information and documents?

    Make an early connection with the responsible party and ensure they're prepared to complete the application.

Need help with patient tracking and RCM? 

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